Efficient Buildings Fund – EBF

Efficient Build FundThe Efficient Buildings Fund (EBF) is a financing program for municipalities, school districts and quasi-public entities to make investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements at their facilities. The EBF was created to fill a funding gap in the State by providing attractive long-term financing for these projects that otherwise may not be available through the private capital markets. A focus of the program is to finance deep energy retrofits that will result in cash flow positive projects.  Projects eligible for financing through the EBF include energy efficiency measures, such as HVAC improvements, insulation, streetlight LED retrofits, motors and controls and lighting upgrades, as well as renewable energy systems, such as solar or wind installations.

In order for a project to be eligible for funding, the project must be on the Office of Energy Resources (OER) Project Priority List (PPL). Project applications are available on OER’s website at http://www.energy.ri.gov/RIEBF/. All projects are eligible for incentives from National Grid and the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation.

For more information about the EBF, please contact Michael Baer at 401-453-4430 extension 127 or by e-mail at mbaer@riinfrastructurebank.com.

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